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By Spring 2021 it’s clear the massive workforce shift is no longer temporary. Long term reliance on remote working is now the norm for much of industry. It is also clear that some of the temporary solutions to desktop performance issues do not suffice. With a large percent of an organization working remotely, the challenge of desktop inefficiency is compounded. Yet the void of precise measurement of desktop apps remains; the result is that efficiency has not kept pace with change.

IT helpdesks supporting on prem and remote workers require a more robust means of addressing desktop performance issues.

Which means a tool that ties desktop delays in real time to underlying causes, based on actual and actionable – rather than approximated – performance data.

UXp loosens the brakes on your enterprise’s productivity.

UXp reveals everything hindering a desktop user’s swift access to apps and websites, capturing every second of wait time, flagging trouble and calibrating the incurred costs. UXp is a powerful tool for boosting productivity, rationalizing IT budgets and raising morale

The detailed UX performance information is used by IT to quickly solve the root causes of problems. Please take 30 seconds to plug in your numbers in the form below to see instantly the real costs of delays and lost productivity. You will likely be shocked at the initial numbers. You’ve been warned.


UXp’s ultra-small, non-intrusive software agent is deployed in minutes across your entire network.


Collects data from logon to logoff and everything in between.


Well, everything! Everything that affects your use of your windows desktop systems and web-based apps.


Valuable, insightful, real-time intelligence on actual end-user experience.

How it works

One of the best – if not the very best ways to understand how your most valuable resource, your people, are engaging your second most valuable resource, your IT – at any time and all the time is to see what’s happening at the user interface. UXp reveals precisely how responsive apps are across every desktop and complements all the big expensive tools that measure enterprise’ health by measuring and ranking every app in use.


An Automotive Company Gains Significant Productivity Improvements using UXp

Peter Böhm, IT Consultant

Niedersachsen, Germany

An MSP in northern Germany reported that several efficiency focused executives of “a large automotive supplier decided to evaluate the performance of their IT systems. Specifically, they wanted to see if there were problems on their Windows desktops that were preventing maximum productivity. They deployed UXp and quickly discovered performance issues where they could make efficiency improvements.

Furthermore, in the same evaluation, UXp was used on a wide range of machines, fat clients, VDI, and also on machines such as engine and brake and emission testing devices. The employees were surprised and impressed when they found significant performance problems on brake test systems, where they had not expected trouble.

Overall, the executives reported, the resulting changes produced an improvement in efficiency of thirty percent.”

UXp’s Empirical UX Data Boosts Client Services for an MSP

Lawrence Guyot, CEO ETTE

Washington DC

“As the CEO of an MSP in the IT business for 18 years, I’ve seen and evaluated hundreds of different technology solutions. I can say that OI’s UXp solution is truly unique. Its practical performance value to enterprises of any size is apparent and immediate.

I was skeptical when I first encountered OI’s new approach; but when I saw the data for the first time, I became a believer in the solution. It’s difficult to recall a time when I was sold on a product the first time I used it.

Since that first encounter, I have used UXp on several occasions for both internal and client projects with success each time. Having empirical data to inform my decisions and recommendations for clients makes things more straightforward. It’s hard to deny empirical data, even these days.”

Key Features


When your most valuable asset, your employees, are waiting on slow Windows Desktops, apps and web apps, you incur a substantial hidden cost. UXp accurately calculates this real expense, bringing new clarity and precision to evaluating your digital investments, ROI and ERP.


UXp’s UX metrics and reports provide a new level of accuracy, an objective method of validating User Experience Performance as defined in the SLAs.


UXp’s factual (actual, not machine derivations) UX performance audit trail enables helpdesk support staff to rapidly investigate and resolve desktop UX issues without disturbing users.


UXp can provide objective side-by-side hardware and software UX performance evaluations as an integral part of pre-sales and onboarding procedures.


UXp Does What?

UXp’s factual (actual, not machine derivations) UX performance audit trail enables helpdesk support staff to rapidly investigate and resolve desktop UX issues without disturbing users.

Is UXp easy to install?

Yes. UXp is easily and quickly deployed, delivered as standard MSI packages and scripts.

How Does UXp Work?

UXp deploys to the designated PC, server, or virtual system. It sends or records the collected data, making it easy to generate reports or alerts. UXp exports data to all the standard BI tools.

What is the load on a system?

UXp requires very little processing power, typically consuming less than 20MB of RAM and generating ~0.5MB of data per user per day!