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Dear desktop user, how goes the teleworking? – Part 1

It seemed an innocent question, posed to a longtime friend: now that she and her colleagues are continuing their jobs from home, with her new laptop, did she and they encounter the same delays and hiccups “accessing apps on your Windows desktops that you had before?” “Well, of course we do!” came the snappy answer. […]

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Are your Windows desktop applications always running at top speed?

If you answered no, you are among the great majority that routinely experiences delays interacting with desktop and web applications. To deal with those common issues, you’d need a tool that accurately measures all the delays occurring on your desktop, and reliably provides that data to your helpdesk, enabling them to quickly resolve your issue. […]

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VDI And Formula 1 Racing Engine – A Common Denominator

Windows® VDI environments are powerful and complex. Consequently, when things go wrong, it’s a big challenge to make the correct determination of where and what failed, and how to fix it. This is especially so if there is no way to objectively measure the effect of a particular improvement or if a “fix” has been […]

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UXp Features Innovative UICapture* technology

UICapture, developed by OctoInsight Inc. captures User Experience (UX) events directly from the UI of a Windows® Desktop. UICapture can determine precisely how quickly the desktop and layered applications (a.k.a., apps) respond to user requests by monitoring … the state of the foreground window the time the last user interaction took place the app currently […]

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