The fundamental question that won’t go away is how to know if you are getting maximum efficiency from your expensive resources and performance, which drives productivity, can vary significantly. This is why timely objective performance metrics – direct from the source, are so valuable. This is the innovative solution provided by OctoInsight’s UXp.

The huge impact of the hybrid workforce on the digital workplace demands a new kind of performance awareness, regardless of location.

Effective local and remote IT user support is more critical than ever.  The organizations that recognize the need for more effective performance monitoring have an advantage in competitive marketplace.

What your IT team assumes is happening on your desktops is important, what your IT team knows for sure is essential but impossible to see across the enterprise in real-time until now. Your organization’s many systems for generating IT health metrics are server-centric and cannot capture app performance metrics directly from the desktop. In other words, you are not getting an objective reading of the IT health of the apps most directly impacting user productivity. OctoInsight’s solution fixes that.

There is a shake-out well underway as enterprises of all sizes focus on boosting efficiency. To do this with confidence objective metrics are essential – reporting actual app performance impacting your workforce. UXp from OctoInsight uniquely provides this. With this objective data, UXp generates a single health metric, a user experience rating (UXR). This allows IT management to see at a glance how apps are performing across the organization.

“OctoInsight’s solution is a short straight road to higher efficiency and significant savings.”

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