UXp Features Innovative UICapture* technology

UICapture, developed by OctoInsight Inc. captures User Experience (UX) events directly from the UI of a Windows® Desktop. UICapture can determine precisely how quickly the desktop and layered applications (a.k.a., apps) respond to user requests by monitoring …

  • the state of the foreground window
  • the time the last user interaction took place
  • the app currently in use
  • the URL in use (if the foreground window is owned by a web browser app)

UICapture’s 8 UX metrics (the octo in Octo-Insight) are at the core of UXp, OctoInsight’s lead UX performance measurement product.

*UICapture does not include or require keyloggers, mouse-loggers or even user names. In fact, user names are anonymized by default, out-of-the box.

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