OctoInsight enables improved responsiveness and productivity for all Windows and web applications.  This lightweight, easy-to-use tool continuously delivers direct measurement of app performance, revealing the causes of delays, bottlenecks and poor app response. When productivity improvements are applied across hundreds or thousands of users, savings from increased efficiency skyrocket.

OctoInsight is feature-rich, robust, exceptionally stable and easy to implement.

The fundamental question that won’t go away is how to know if you are getting maximum efficiency from your expensive resources and performance, which drives productivity, can vary significantly. This is why timely objective performance metrics – direct from the source, are so valuable. This is the innovative solution provided by OctoInsight’s UXp.

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UXp differentiator

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The problem we solve…

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What’s missing…

Every dimension of computing has gone through extraordinary improvements – except one. All EUEM/DEX vendors seek the holy grail of UX data: objective data from the desktop on a user’s experience o

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